Most Popular Shapes For Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

The cut you pick for an engagement ring diamond should reflect the unique style of your partner. Several factors influence the sparkle of a diamond, including its cut and setting. The main factor that dictates the appearance of the jewelry piece is your diamond shape. Here, we will discuss some of the best-known shapes to seek for lab grown diamonds or natural diamonds.

Round Brilliant

It is a beautiful and timeless shape for an engagement ring diamond as well as more popular than other diamond shapes. There are around 60 facets on round brilliant diamonds designed to create the maximum fire, sparkle and brightness for colorless stones. Diamond cut matters much; if it is good, one diamond would have better sparkle than another with a poor cut and the same color and carat weight.

Oval Brilliant

An oval brilliant diamond is the best-known fancy diamond shape. It offers a unique and graceful style to an engagement ring, with plenty of sparkle and fire from the so-called brilliant-cut facets. The higher surface of the stone makes it popular among customers since it appears larger as compared to other diamonds with the same cut and carat. Like marquise and emerald diamond shapes, an oval diamond can aid in visually elongating shorter fingers. Look for an oval diamond with a quality cut that has little to no bow-tie effect, a shadow that resembles a bowtie.

Princess Cut

Diamonds with this cut have a fancy faceting arrangement that offers stunning sparkle. A princess-cut diamond is often a great option for an engagement ring with almost any style. The product is usually priced a bit lower than the round brilliant stone per carat, causing it to be a potentially great value for money. You should choose an appropriate setting for a princess-cut artificial diamond that keeps its pointed corners safe.

Emerald Cut

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Different from an oval, princess or round brilliant cut diamond, the emerald diamond cut comes under the step cut category. The facets on a diamond with a cut that resembles architectural steps, show off the clarity and color of the stone. It is known for emitting dramatic and distinctive flashes of natural light as well.

Pillow Cut

A stunning fusion of square and round diamonds, a diamond with the cushion cut has a bit rounded edges to offer it a pretty distinctive appearance. Like a round brilliant diamond, it has around 60 facets and plenty of sparkle, as well as offers a classic touch to diamond rings for engagements.

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