How To Keep Artificial Diamonds Sparkling Bright

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

You might hesitate to clean your diamond since you are unsure how to do it. You need not be afraid to do it because there is little difference between cleaning lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds. With the following tips, you can keep the stone in a sparkling new condition.

Understand What Causes Artificial Diamond Damage

Firstly, understand what can make the diamond lose its shine. Knowing the possibility of damage can aid you in taking the steps required to keep it from occurring. It depends on the form of your diamond jewelry and how frequently you wear it. Whether you have one of the costliest diamond rings or cheaper diamond jewelry, here are a few of the most prevalent contributors to dull sparkle.

Dirt And Lotion Accumulation

Natural body oil products can contribute to the grime buildup on diamond jewelry. The inclusion of lotion and fragrances compounds the accumulation into grime, which requires routine cleaning.

Unsafe Storage

Scuffs and scratches can occur on lab diamond pieces if you store these in a coffer with other diamond jewelry products.

Active Lifestyle

No matter where your active lifestyle takes you, sweat is certain to come with it. Sweat contributes to build-up as well as can loosen your diamond ring and make it likely to fall off.

Household Cleaning Solutions

Household cleaners are also likely to make the diamonds dull and bring about permanent damage.

Understand What Cleaning Solutions To Avoid

There are several commercial cleaners with harsh chemicals, which can be dangerous to artificial diamonds. Bleach, ammonia, chlorine and acetone are among the chemicals that you should not use for diamonds.

Household cleaners containing those substances can damage your stone and make its dazzle appear dull. If you want a more potent solution, you should purchase a cleaner specialized for use in jewelry.

Daily Care

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Caring for diamonds daily is still the best possible thing to do to ensure that your diamond shines as long as possible. It includes light cleaning, cleaning build-up and debris daily, and storing your stone safely. Some amount of tender loving care (TLC) will be considerably useful in keeping your precious stones in good shape for a long period.

Do Occasional Deep Cleaning

Regular cleaning keeps a diamond sparkling bright, but it can have build-up over time and less sparkle. It is when the stone requires a deep form of cleaning.

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