Busting Some Diamond Investment-Related Misconceptions

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The gemstone for April is the scintillating, resilient and glittering diamond. Therefore, April tends to be called the diamond month. Despite being a popular product, there are several misconceptions about diamonds in the market. Here, we will bust some of those myths so that you can make more informed decisions about purchasing or investing in mined diamonds or lab grown diamonds.

A Natural Diamond Will Lose Its Sparkle

How can a precious gemstone from the crust of the earth that survived for a long period lose its sparkle? Before humans mine a diamond, it will weather extreme heat and natural disasters in the mantle of the earth. A diamond has such resilience that its sparkle will only become better over time. It only needs a bit of TLC sometimes. Washing a diamond in a detergent in mild liquid form or wiping it gently using a soft piece of clothing, will restore its sparkle.

It Is Not A Particularly Good Investment Option

A generation of people traditionally gives the next generation diamond rings or other pieces of diamond jewelry as tokens of their legacy. This means diamonds act as tokens of people’s achievements or accomplishments, reminding them to keep aspiring, celebrating and achieving each milestone. The stones also pass on tales of commitment and romance to kids and grandkids.

The Bigger A Diamond Is, The Higher Will Be Its Cost

This is not the case at all times. A relatively smaller diamond sometimes comes with better clarity, color and cut as compared to a bigger one. A diamond should pass many inspections before it gets graded under some specific category. The weight of a diamond is among the many different factors determining its price.

Every Diamond Has Identical Sparkle

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Every diamond is known for its sparkle. A diamond sparkles under some lighting conditions, but some shapes or cuts are likelier to give the stone a more pronounced or noticeable sparkle as compared to others. The sparkle of a diamond hinges on its capability to absorb light and reflect it toward the one who looks at it. The greater amount of light it reflects out of the facets, the sparklier it will usually appear. For that, people cut diamonds into different shapes that comprise many facets.

One’s First Diamond Should Be Costly

The stone should not just be meaningful, but it should also evoke an emotional and happy memory whenever you explore it. That said, it need not be costly as long as it comes from an ethical source and is beautiful.

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