Is A Channel Set Ring Right For You?

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The channel setting is popular in engagement rings for the extra bling it offers. This setting can be a wonderful option to mount your accent stones, as it offers great protection for them. A channel-set ring can be a wonderful option for you because of a wide range of reasons. The following are some of the important things you want to know about this particular ring setting.

What Is A Channel Set Ring?

The channel setting is a wonderful alternative to pave setting, as it also comes with accent stones set on the band of the ring, but offers enhanced security. The pave setting holds the small stones using prongs. These prongs are more vulnerable to damage and they can get loose over time thereby increasing the risk of losing your accent diamonds.

But a channel-set ring holds small diamonds in place using a channel-like setting made of the metal of the band. The stones are held between these channels, hence, their sides are not exposed. This can reduce the risk of losing your stones.

Different diamond shapes can be used for a channel-set ring, however, princess-cut stones create the best option for this particular ring design.

Benefits Of Getting A Channel-Set Ring

The enhanced protection offered by the channel for the accent stones is one of the important benefits you can get by choosing this ring setting instead of pave or other settings that come with accent stones.

Additionally, by choosing a channel-set ring, you can get extra shine for less money. As the accent stones are very lower in carat weights, they can be highly affordable in comparison with bigger diamonds. Additionally, the combined brilliance offered by these small diamonds can be comparable to rings that come with big center stones. If you choose lab grown diamonds for your accent stones, you can save some extra money, as they come for cheaper rates than their natural counterparts.

Also, it can be easy for you to clean your channel-set ring, as the spaces for the dirt to get trapped are low.

Who Should Get A Channel-Set Ring?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

The channel setting can be suitable for you:

  • If you lead an active lifestyle or use your hands a lot.
  • If you want more sparkle for a lower budget
  • If you cannot afford bigger diamonds
  • If you want improved protection for your accent stones

A channel-set ring creates a stunning, timeless, and versatile option for your engagement. It can offer an exquisite sparkle without being ostentatious. Hence, this ring setting can be a wonderful choice for people who prefer a subtle shine for their ring.

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