How To Evaluate The Color Of Pink Diamonds?

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Diamond Ring
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Unlike colorless diamonds, fancy colored diamonds are very rare and expensive to buy. But having a fancy colored diamond in your engagement ring can provide you with a classy and rich appearance. No colorless diamond ring can ever acquire the beauty of a well-cut colored diamond ring. Diamonds can occur in different colors and the rarest diamond is the red diamond. Other colors you can see in diamonds are pink, green, yellow, blue, etc. In this article, we are explaining how to evaluate the color grade of pink diamonds.

So before looking into the color grading of a pink diamond, let us look into what pink diamonds are.

Pink Diamonds

Even though pink diamonds are not the rarest among fancy colored diamonds, they are very rare compared to colorless diamonds. The reason for the astonishing pink color of the diamond is still unclear. Other fancy color diamonds like blue diamonds get their color from chemical impurities. The presence of boron in its crystal lattice is mainly responsible for its blue color. Scientists are sure that the pink color is not from any impurities. It is said that the deformation caused to the diamond lattice due to higher pressures during the diamond formation might be responsible for its pink color. Now let us look into the evaluation of the diamond’s pink color.

Pink Diamonds: Color Evaluation

For every colored diamond, saturation, hue, and tone are the major factors determining its color grade. This is no different for pink diamonds.


Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring

Saturation is a term used to describe the color intensity of the colored diamond. Generally, the more saturated a diamond’s color is, the more expensive it is. Due to this reason, diamonds with vivid pink color are much more expensive than diamonds with low pink color saturation. The pink-colored diamonds with poor saturation might look closer to a grey or brown color. Pink diamonds with color shades closer to red are extremely expensive.


The color visible on the diamond is called hue. If a diamond is said to be pink, it means that its primary hue is pink. Colored diamonds can also have secondary hues. The secondary hues seen in pink diamonds are yellow, brown, orange, and purple.


The tone represents whether the color of the diamond is lighter or darker. Those who are considering pink diamonds should stay away from very dark stones as they don’t have a pleasing appearance.

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