What To Know About The Bowtie Effect In Diamonds

Production Of Lab Grown Diamond
Production Of Lab Grown Diamond
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

There are different factors that can affect the appeal of your diamonds including color, inclusions, blemishes, etc. Another factor that might affect the look and value of your diamonds adversely is the “bowtie” effect. But not all diamond shapes have this problem. This particular diamond flaw is found to affect elongated shapes like oval, marquise, pear, and radiant.

The bowtie effect can diminish the beauty of your diamond rings. This effect can be present in both mined and lab grown diamonds. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that this effect is not present in your diamonds when buying them.

What Is Bowtie Effect?

As the name suggests, the bowtie effect is a visible dark shadow in the shape of a bowtie inside a diamond. This effect will usually appear in the middle of the diamond and the dark stripe in the shape of a bowtie will run across the surface of the stone.

People associate the bowtie effect in diamonds with different factors including:

  • The inclusions present in the diamond
  • The presence of chemical coloring present in the stone
  • The “light leakage” that occurs through the sides of the stone

But in reality, the bowtie effect does not have any connection with these factors. The dark shadow caused by this effect is the result of the poor cutting of the stone. So this problem is man-made unlike the other natural flaws present in the diamond.

In some diamonds, the bowtie effect increases their scintillation. But in most cases, this visible dark shadow within the diamonds can affect their look negatively.

Is Bowtie Effect A Bad Thing?

Most elongated diamonds including oval and marquise have this particular effect. However, what makes them distinct is the severity of the bowtie. The visibility of this dark shadow will be low for some diamonds. In such cases, this effect won’t majorly affect the look of the stones.

But in some other cases, the bowtie effect will be severe which increases the visibility of the dark shadow. This can affect the appeal of your diamonds.

How To Make Sure That Your Diamond Does Not Have This Effect?

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

The bowtie effect won’t be recorded on diamond certificates. Therefore, it is important for you to closely inspect your stone before buying it to make sure that this effect is not visible in it. Observe the diamond from different angles, as this effect will be more visible from certain angles.

You have to be very careful when buying mounted diamonds, as inspecting them closely might not be possible in all cases.

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