What To Know About The Working Of Diamond Testers

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

There are several ways used to differentiate between fake diamonds and real ones. Fog test, heat test, etc. are some of the simple methods used to identify real diamonds from fake ones. However, these methods are not considered 100% reliable. But the invention of diamond testers made it possible to identify between fake and real diamonds with great accuracy. It also creates a fast way to test diamonds.

Diamond Testers

Diamond testers are small portable devices that you can easily carry in your pocket. They are specifically designed to identify diamonds from other stones. These devices can tell you whether your diamond is real or fake with great surety.

A diamond tester will have a needle-like tip that has to be placed on the stone. If the stone is a real diamond, then it will be indicated on the device’s display or with a specific sound signal.

How Does A Diamond Tester Works?

Diamond testers work on the principle that various gemstones conduct heat differently. How a diamond passes heat will be different from that of cubic zirconia, glass, or other stones. A diamond tester is designed to detect how a stone passes heat. This can be helpful to identify diamonds from other gemstones.

Some diamond testers utilize electrical conductivity to test gemstones. They also work based on the same principle, but instead of heat, these devices use electricity.

You can use diamond testers to check the originality of both loose and mounted diamonds. So if you want to find out whether your diamond rings carry real diamonds, these devices can be helpful for you.

Additionally, diamond testers can work on lab grown diamonds too. These diamonds are also real diamonds and they have the same conductivity as your natural diamonds. But a diamond tester won’t be able to tell between natural and lab grown diamonds.

Are Diamond Testers Reliable?

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Diamond testers provide accurate results in comparison with many other common methods used for testing diamonds. However, diamond testers that work on thermal conductivity can mistake moissanite for a diamond, as both of these stones conduct heat in a very similar way.

This problem can be avoided by using a tester that uses electrical conductivity, as moissanite and diamonds conduct electricity differently.

The latest models of diamond testers available in the market use a combination of heat and electricity to test diamonds. They can provide far more accurate results than testers that use heat or electricity.

Jewelers often use these devices to identify real diamonds. If you want to test your diamond for authenticity, you can take it to a jeweler to determine whether it is real or fake.

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